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An app solely designed to revamp the fashion of all the clubs. ClubWizard App is a Next Gen solution that brings intra-club communications to the digital age.

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1. What is ClubWizard?

It is a communication enabled application to increase the productivity of an organization through streamlined communication channels with facilities like online payments, broadcast messaging to improve the quality of users experience and optimize services.

2. What is ClubWizard App?

It is the end user application where users/members can view and interact with the admin on the information streamed by their respective organization. The purpose and features are detailed in the features section of the website.

3. How to download the App?

You can download the app via Google play store and apple app store in just one click.

4. Who can use the App?

The associated clubs or organization, in which the user is a member of, should have associated with ClubWizard App in order to get access and further information. ClubWizard App is a licensed app and can be only used if the phone number of each member is registered with the organization/club/event/gathering.

5. How can a registered member of a club create a user profile on ClubWizard App?

Upon registration, the user can update/edit their profile details at profile section. The user is free to add/change their profile picture, email address, DOB, profession, district and other details likewise.

6. Can club/organization admin intimate their members on payment dues?

Yes,the treasurer can send both personalized and automated messages to members on payment dues through the admin webportal.

7. Where can a member/user see their payment dues in ClubWizard App?

The details of payment and any dues of members can be viewed in “My Bills” section in the ClubWizard Mobile App.

8. Can a user view the history of previous payments?

Yes, the history of payments can be viewed in my bills of ClubWizard mobile app

9. What are the types of licenses offered?

ClubWizard app is available in Subscription model only. The dues are collected from each organization and the payment can be made yearly or quarterly or monthly.

10. How can a member applaud to other members achievements?

User/member has to go to “Kudos” section and click on applause button which is available just below the image of the achievement posted by Admin.

11. How to cast vote?

Once survey is created by admin, the same will be visible to all members intended and the members can cast their vote immediately; thereby make their voices heard. This feature enables administrator to easily take survey and key member’s opinion thereby enabling smooth decision.

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