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ClubWizard - Club Communication App

An app solely designed to revamp the fashion of Service clubs. ClubWizard App is a Next Gen solution that brings intra-club communications to the digital age.

ClubWizard App

While multiple memberships across varied service clubs and organisations is a good networking strategy, it often invites few personal challenges such as managing multiple positions, responsibilities, payments, clashing meeting dates, timings and so on. If you’re someone who is facing similar kind of challenges, you need not worry anymore as we have built a solution to tackle this problem. The solution we proudly call ‘ClubWizard’.

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ClubWizard - User Features

  • Notify your availability for meeting, receive Minutes of Meeting and track progress on action items.
  • Receive personalised messages from the head table.
  • Know more about your club and its history.
  • Find out 'Who is Who' through lineage.
  • Quick membership payments and track payment history
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  • Celebrate co-member's achievements and applaud for them.
  • Get updates on upcoming activities, events and bulletins.
  • Integrated Event Calendar to plan ahead.
  • Find and Connect with members of your club and across other regions.
  • Head table directory with one touch call.

ClubWizard - Admin Features

  • Schedule meetings and track attendance of members.
  • Make announcements on new member, new council or an upcoming event.
  • Update your club members on action items and its progress.
  • Notify Members on Payment Dues and collect fees online.
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  • Analytics, Reports and Voting to make faster decisions.
  • Post the achievements of members of your club.
  • Stream bulletin, club news, special days and activities.
  • Get feedback from members through online survey and polls.

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