ClubWizard App

An app solely designed to revamp the fashion of all the clubs. ClubWizard App is a Next Gen solution that brings intra-club communications to the digital age.

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The Club Communication App

Enroll your premium club with ClubWizard & enjoy the luxury of best app designed in this segment.

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Connecting Together

Luxury Redefined. You say, we do. We tailor make the solution to suit your needs.

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Why ClubWizard App ?

While multiple memberships across varied clubs and organisations is a good networking strategy, it often invites few personal challenges such as managing multiple positions, responsibilities, payments, clashing meeting dates, timings and so on. If you’re someone who is facing similar kind of challenges, you need not worry anymore as we have built a solution to tackle this problem. The solution we proudly call ‘ClubWizard’

  • Increased efficiency in club operations.
  • Reduced time frame to communicate easily.
  • The best club communication tool, at your fingertips.
  • Gives a premium feel to members.
  • Manage finances, in a better way.

Why ClubWizard App is
Best for your Pack?

In this world of digitization, communication holds prime importance. It doesn't matter whether you have few member club or the one with huge numbers. Keeping in mind the practical difficulties, ClubWizard App is designed in such a way that, it supports unlimited number of members and manages their communications with ease.

Think luxury. Get ClubWizard App. Enroll your premium pack with us, now to enjoy the the best communication app.

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Secure Data

Our application has been hosted in a dedicated Enterprise Grade 'Secure' Cloud which is ISO 27001 certified for Information Security. That literally means, your data is absolutely safe. We do not mess up with it.

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Data Analysis

When we have data in our hand, it is better to know what to be done with it. We will help you there.

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Show Reports

Get details and reports on your fingertips. Get them on your mobile app, anywhere anytime.

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Advance User Features

This app is designed to make the lives of all the members of the club/association easier. This app automates all the process and enables the members to operate with much comfort. It has multiple features which can be accessed from anytime and anywhere in turn giving the ultimate luxury and comfort to all members.


Receive personalized messages from the head table.


Notify your availability for meeting, receive Minutes of Meeting and track progress on action items.


Get updates on upcoming activities, events and bulletins.

My Bills

Quick payments and track payment history


Find and Connect with members of your club and across other regions.


Celebrate co-member's achievements and applaud for them.


Find out 'Who is Who' through lineage.


Know more about your club and its history.

Post Activities

Stream activities organized by your club

Post Bulletins

Make announcements on new member, new council or an upcoming event.

Post News

Post club news from your mobile app, anytime anywhere.

Post Meetings

Schedule meetings and track attendance of members.

Inactive Users Report

Get to know your trusted followers. View reports, now at your fingertips.


Get feedback from members through online survey and polls.


Notify Members on Payment Dues and collect fees online


Update your club members on action items and its progress.


Analytics, Reports and Voting to make faster decisions.

Advance Admin Features
That Give You Real Feel

We know what it means to be the administrator of the club. It is a job role which comes with enough responsibilities. Have you ever wondered that automating the job, will actually ease the burden on your shoulders? What if we say, you give us your inputs and we turn them into an easy to use application which can be accessed from anywhere anytime? Yes, that’s right. ClubWizard is an application built for making the lives of admin as well as the members, easy and hassle free. Read on to know more about the features.

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App Screenshots

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Frequently asked questions

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1. What is ClubWizard?

It is a communication enabled application to increase the productivity of an organization through streamlined communication channels with facilities like online payments, broadcast messaging to improve the quality of users experience and optimize services.

2. What is ClubWizard App?

It is the end user application where users/members can view and interact with the admin on the information streamed by their respective organization. The purpose and features are detailed in the features section of the website.

3. How to download the App?

You can download the app via Google play store and apple app store in just one click.

4. Who can use the App?

The associated clubs or organization, in which the user is a member of, should have associated with ClubWizard App in order to get access and further information. ClubWizard App is a licensed app and can be only used if the phone number of each member is registered with the organization/club/event/gathering.

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ClubWizard App is Awesome !
It’s Free to Download for Everyone